Benny Diction

"I graft like a man possessed, creative juice and gallons of sweat, my labour's fruits produced from passion, not just for stacking the wedge"

The home of Benny Diction: London-based emcee/musician, member of The Punning Clan and the Boom Bap Professionals roster and host of monthly hip-hop event Holdin' Court.

CORNERS (Beit Nun, Benny Diction & Deeflux) - AIN'T NO WAY

I'm happy to announce that I am now part of a group with Beit Nun & Deeflux called CORNERS and that we have been working hard on a 14-track album, due for release in the upcoming months.

Our debut single, produced by Portland's Rey Holliday, 'Ain't No Way', is out NOW.

Peep the video below (filmed/edited by Idiot Village):

And stream/download the single at our Bandcamp:

You can also follow us on Twitter at: