Benny Diction

"I graft like a man possessed, creative juice and gallons of sweat, my labour's fruits produced from passion, not just for stacking the wedge"

The home of Benny Diction: London-based emcee/musician, member of The Punning Clan and the Boom Bap Professionals roster and host of monthly hip-hop event Holdin' Court.

GHOST - 'Shards of Memories' LP

The new album from production veteran Ghost, 'SHARDS OF MEMORIES', dropped last week, a decade since his classic debut 'SELDOM SEEN OFTEN HEARD'.

I feature on the tune 'LOST IN TRANSIT', among collabos with some serious UK and international talent, including CAPPO, LETHAL DIALECT and VERB T. It's an honour to have a tune on the project, being a long-time fan and considering his debut once of my favourite UKHH albums.

He's also filmed and edited all the videos for the project himself. The first one is for instrumental track 'WORSHIP':