Benny Diction

"I graft like a man possessed, creative juice and gallons of sweat, my labour's fruits produced from passion, not just for stacking the wedge"

The home of Benny Diction: London-based emcee/musician, member of The Punning Clan and the Boom Bap Professionals roster and host of monthly hip-hop event Holdin' Court.

The Best b/w The Next Label


Benny kicks off a new year of fresh music with his first single since 2014's 'RPM' and the inaugural BBP release of 2016. On the a-side, 'The Best', Benny goes back to back with Innit Records' Beit Nun over a mellow instrumental from Dusty Ohms & Lilac Qi.

The b-side, 'The Next Label', sees Benny sharing mic duties with friend and frequent collaborator Oliver Sudden. On a minimalist headnodder from Able8, they playfully pay homage to the Show & AG classic 'The Next Level' as well as their clothing brands of choice.

This single is a taste of things to come and a strong start to what is set to be a good year for both Benny and the BBP label. You can download the single for free from here.