Benny Diction

"I graft like a man possessed, creative juice and gallons of sweat, my labour's fruits produced from passion, not just for stacking the wedge"

The home of Benny Diction: London-based emcee/musician, member of The Punning Clan and the Boom Bap Professionals roster and host of monthly hip-hop event Holdin' Court.


A few days ago my boy Mnsr Frites of Granville Sessions/Moose Funk Squad dropped his debut solo album ' The River Wandle'. It features all manner of sick producers, as well as guest features from Archetype, Cappo, Jester Jacobs, Luca Brazi and myself.

I featured on the tune 'One More' with Jester:

It's an incredibly tight project and I'm very proud to have been involved with. You can cop the digital download for £5 or a limited edition CD for £6, which is a snip if you ask me.