Benny Diction

"I graft like a man possessed, creative juice and gallons of sweat, my labour's fruits produced from passion, not just for stacking the wedge"

The home of Benny Diction: London-based emcee/musician, member of The Punning Clan and the Boom Bap Professionals roster and host of monthly hip-hop event Holdin' Court.

Benny Diction is a South Wales/East Midlands-raised MC/musician with well over a decade of writing lyrics, performing, organising and hosting events behind him. After moving to Liverpool in 2001, he started to rip open mics and became involved in long-running hip hop night Sunday Service. His collective The Punning Clan was formed in 2005, with close involvement from IDA UK/DMC battle champ DJ Rasp.


Both solo and with crew, Benny has torn down stages at festivals and club nights across the UK and beyond, including Dragonfly Festival (Sweden), Urban Moves (Norway), Passauer Kunstnacht Festival (Germany) and Howler (Australia), supporting the likes of Teebs (Brainfeeder), Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw), DJ Statik Selektah and Souls of Mischief and making it to the 2013 End Of The Weak UK finals along the way. He has also formerly hosted London hip-hop nights Fat Gold Chain and Holdin' Court.


Benny has a string of releases to his name, the most notable being his three albums Hard Graft, Arts & Crafts and Hearty Laughs (2012), the Able8-produced Life Moves (2013) and most recent LP Button Up (2016), produced by South Africa's Blue Buttonz.


He's also working on several collaboration projects at the moment, including a follow-up EP with Able8 and an album as part of Corners (with Beit Nun and Deeflux), amongst others.


Check the Releases page for the full run-down of all Benny's releases to date, including features.